The Institute for Animal Care Education is an international organisation founded in 1996. Born through the ANIMAL CARE COLLEGE, and with a large contingent of Charter members, the Institute's mission is to provide a governing body within the animal care sector focussed on establishing high standards of education within animal welfare industry.

The Institute's objectives are:-

The Institute for Animal Care Education began life as a certificating body for the ANIMAL CARE COLLEGE. More recently, the Institute's remit has been extended to other home correspondent course providers including Compass, J.C.Biology. Today we provide certificates for other providers. Our current course providers are listed under under the COURSES menu option above.

We are very proud to be able to cite worldwide patronage. The Institute has members in Africa, Australian, Canada China, Russia, USA along with many European Countries. Student and Full members as well as Fellows who have been awarded this IACE Fellowship status in recognition of their educational achievement.

Applications for Student and Full membership are invited from those who are currently studying within the animal sector as well as those who have already qualified and attained pass status in their chosen course path from their course provider. Should your course or accreditation be from a non IACE approved course provider the Institute will be happy to consider these courses/certificates as a gateway to IACE membership.